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Mission statement  -  Basic Information about EUROLIB
The European Community and Associated Institutions Library Co-operation Group

rsz_p1040340.jpg EUROLIB aims to promote a wider awareness of the contribution European Community and Associated libraries make to the institutions they serve. Through inter-library collaboration, it seeks to enhance the professional performance of the staff of the members libraries. It helps participating libraries achieve economies of investment in technology, acquisitions and services. Eurolib is developing common bibliographic control tools and providing high quality library services.

EUROLIB supports a common European approach to issues such as provision of access to historic and contemporary collections, conservation and copyright. Eurolib provides a forum for European Community and Associated libraries
to share experience and best practices through regular meetings and staff exchanges.

The EUROLIB co-operation group was established on the initiative of the Secretary-General of the European Parliament and met for the first time in June 1988. Eurolib is the oldest cooperation group among EU bodies.
It met regularly until its 13th General Assembly in Dublin in April 1997 as a working group focussed on broad objectives addressing the promotion of comprehensive bibliographic control and library and document delivery services in the field of European integration.

rsz_1rsz_p1040347.jpgAt the 13th General Assembly on 18 April at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, EUROLIB members adopted by Resolution an agreement formalising the conduct of business under a preamble recognising "the importance now given by the European Union to the development and networking of libraries" and seeking "to facilitate the partnership of EUROLIB member libraries in programmes contributing to the advance of new technology within European Institutions, to the more efficient use of library resources, and to improved access to EUROLIB collections".

At the annual general assembly, the members are endorsing the rolling programme and agree on the election of officers to be responsible for the conduct of EUROLIB affairs.

New elections for the presidency took place in December 2009. The elected Officers for the period 2010-2015 are:
  • President: Mr Marc Willem, Head of Library and Documentation, Cedefop (Thessaloniki)
  • Vice-President: Milvia Priano, European Parliament (Brussels)
  • Vice-President: Cosimo Monda, EIPA (Maastricht).

    Permanent Secretariat General:
    c/o Publications Office of the European Union, 2 rue Mercier, Office MER/818, L-2985 Luxembourg.
    T. (352) 2929 42679. Fax (352) 2929 44185. E-mail:

    The list of former presidents and vice-presidents can be consulted here:

    The EUROLIB Directory lists members institutions and their library services, e.g. their website and web OPAC.
    The list is available at:

    Other Links:
    - Eurolib Work programme for 2010-2015
    - Visit our Photo gallery

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