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European Parliamentary Research Service

The Library's aim is a well-informed European Parliament. The Library's contribution is an effective, impartial and professional information service dedicated to providing the European Parliament - and especially its individual Members (MEPs) - with information of value. The Library should be an information service that every MEP can rely on.

Postal AddressAltiero Spinelli Building - Rue Wiertz
Postal CodeB-1047 Brussels
CountryBelgium / Luxembourg
Telephone+32-2 284 81 00
Fax+32-2 230 65 81
Web Siteclick to visit
Catalogue:click to visit
Normal Daily Hours Mon: 10.00 - 19.00
Tue: 8.30 - 19.00
Wed: 8.30 - 19.00
Thu: 8.30 - 19.00
Fri: 8.30 - 17.00
Visitors policyThe mission of the Library concerns Parliamentary work and it does not provide services to the general public, students, consultants, lobbyists, external bodies, etc. The access to the Library is restricted to internal users only.
System Software Library Management Software Symphony, by the company Sirsi-Dinix.
Modules in Use Cataloguing, Acquisition, Serials, Circulation
Standards Applied Cataloguing: MARC21 and AACR2.
Indexing: Eurovoc
Services Offered
The Library:
  1. provides an information service which assists MEPs fulfil their individual parliamentary functions
  2. produces analytical papers of topics of interest of the EP, as an exclusive service for the MEPs
  3. makes its information services available to other EP staff as required for the functioning of Parliament
  4. enables effective information work by clients through design for self-service, provision of structured information literacy training and information consultancy work
  5. delivers its services through media and channels which better fit its clients'needs
  6. ensures that its services evolve according to technological and professional innovation and clients' needs
  7. cooperates with other providers of information in the Parliament to ensure that corporate needs are met effectively and efficiently
  8. cooperates with national parliament information services
Collection Topic
  • Reference works on European issues in all EU languages
  • Documents published by and on the European Parliament
  • European Union institutions and policies
  • EU law, international law, international organisations
  • National institutions, law, general statistics and factual data for all member states.

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