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ETF - European Training Foundation
The European Training Foundation is an agency of the European Union based in Turin, Italy. It was established by Council Regulation No. 1360 in 1990 recast No. 1339 in 2008 to contribute to the development of the education and training systems of the EU partner countries. It became operational in 1994 in its premises of Villa Gualino. The ETF currently employs approximately 130 staff and has an annual budget of about 18 million . Madlen Serban is Director of the ETF since 1 July 2009.

Our mission is to help transition and developing countries to harness the potential of their human capital through the reform of education, training and labour market systems in the context of the Eu's external relations policy.

As an instrument of the Eu's external relations policy, we base our work on the conviction that human capital development in a lifelong learning perspective can make a fundamental contribution to increasing prosperity, creating sustainable growth and encouraging social inclusion in transition and developing countries.

We recruit and deploy experts from multiple disciplines to handle complex and multidimensional topics in a team environment, in order to create new knowledge, insight and solutions.

Postal AddressVilla Gualino, Viale Settimio Severo 65, Torino
Postal CodeI-10133
Telephone+39-011 6302222
Fax+39-011 63022 00
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Services Offered

Acquisition, Loan, Current Awareness Services, Guidance and Training

Collection Topic

Education; Labour market; Economics; Political science; Law; Information science; Communication; ICT; Management


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