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OAMI / OHMI - Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market

Library Mission:
The first aim of the library is to provide its users with the most up-to-date material in the area of trade marks, intellectual property, jurisprudence and legislation in a structured and organised manner.
The second aim is to allow quick and easy access to information resources from the user's PC via DocuMarc (our on-line public access catalogue).

General Information:
To date 3.000 monographs are available in the Library of OHIM – The main subject matter concerns intellectual & industrial property – trade marks, copyrights, licensing, designs, models and IP law. In addition there are publications of OPOCE concerning EU law, EU treaties etc

Approximately 800 reference publications are available for consultation. They concern the main classes of the Nice Classification -medicine, engineering, textiles, sport, computers, gastronomy, diverse technology etc.

On a regular basis the OHIMLibrary receives 82 bulletins and official journals from various European and non-European offices. We also receive 114 annual reports from the European Institutions, agencies and international organisations. The Library subscribes to 248 specialised reviews and legal journals. We also pay an on-line subscription to Aranzadi jurisprudence databases, French encyclopaedia Universalis, World Trademark Law Report, DARTS database (European case-law concerning trade marks)

We have a small but growing collection of CD-ROM's (aprox. 68), which are available for consultation in computers of both libraries. Our collection consists of Official Journal of the European Union (L & C) and its supplement (S), the GRUR, ROMARIN, the encyclopaedia ENCARTA 2001, ESPASA Universal etc. We also receive monthly bulletins in CD-ROM format from a certain number of National Offices.

Via DocuMarc it is possible to access 37web sites – eg. l'Encycopédie Universalis, Britannica, European institutions, international organisations and 15 sites of the National Trade Mark Offices.

Postal AddressAvenida de Europa, 4, Apto de Correos 77, Alicante
Postal Code03008
Telephone(34) 965139 170
Fax(34) 965139 203
Web Siteclick to visit
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Normal Daily Hours

9.00-17.00 (open throughout the day)

Visitors Email
Visitors policyNo access to external users - visit by appointment
System Software ALEPH (Ex-Libris)Version: ALEPH 500.14.2
Modules in Use Modules: OPAC, Administration, Cash Management, Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Serials Control, Items, Circulation, User Inf., Task Manager.
Standards Applied USMARC
Services Offered

- Loaning out of library material - Monographs
- Dealing with information and consultation enquires from individuals, divisions etc. in person, by telephone and e-mail .
- Dealing with external consultations and visits – other institutions, national offices, university students etc.
- Circulation certain legal journals and information publications (conferences, courses etc.)  – - Photocopy requests – decisions of European Court of Justice
- Consultations relating to CD-ROM's in our collection.
- Researching the Internet and downloading relevant information.
- Microfiche reading facility – collection of EU Official Journal dating from1952
- Purchasing of publications – monographs, legal journals & reviews, CD-ROM's and on-line databases.
- Three computer workplaces with full Internet access in the central library and two workplaces in the Aguilera Library. Training users on how to use DocuMarc – the WWW OPAC.

Collection Topic Intellectual Property - trademarks, designs, models, patents, copyright, licencing and IP law
Special Collections Publications of OHIM,WIPO, Trade Mark & Designs Bulletins of National Offices

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Information as an Asset
The difference between information and knowledge


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