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COLLEUR - College of Europe (Bruges)

The Library of the College of Europe in Bruges is a world-class resource
for researching information on European Integration and related topics.

A high priority is placed on easy access to electronic information resources and multimedia facilities, with on-line access to the Library Catalogue and information resources available across the entire campus network. In addition to electronic information, the Library also holds extensive print collections and  back-runs of periodicals.

The main subjects covered in the Bruges Library are European Law, Economics, Political and Administrative Studies, and International Relations and Diplomacy, with holdings also in Social Sciences and Contemporary History relevant to the development of Europe. Some materials relating to EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy issues are available in Bruges, but these topics are more fully covered by the Natolin Campus Library on the College's campus in Warsaw, with which the Bruges Library works very closely.

A key resource is the College's Netguide of weblinks to sites specialising in European information. The Library is also linked to inter-library document delivery services and electronic information networks worldwide. 

The Library hosts a comprehensive EDC (European Documentation Centre) -
part of a worldwide network of such centres which specialise in making available official information from the European Union. The Library also has ready access to information resources from the Council of Europe, the OECD and other international organisations.

In addition to online information being available via the OPAC computer terminals in the Library and EDC, there is also a dedicated Computer Room accessible via the Library which offers full scale internet, e-mail, and word-processing facilities to students of the College.

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Postal AddressDijver 11 - 8000 Brugge
Postal CodeBE-8000
Telephone(32-50) 477 202
Fax(32-50) 477 200
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System Software HORIZON 7.02 - Epixtech
Modules in Use Modules implemented: circulation, cataloguing, serials, system admin.
Most modules operating well - however, series reports are still not working properly.
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