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Annual Plenary Meeting - 19-20th May 2011 - Lisbon (Documentation)

File 1: Email to all members (Invitation and registration form)

File 2: Presentation on the Social Media and Library by Cosimo Monda - EIPA

File 3: Presentation on the results of WG 1 by Vaughan Birbeck - SHECA

File 4:  Presentation on 'Communicating Europe' by Carlos Medeiros - CIEJD

File 5: Presentation of Mirella Rossi, Knowlegde Management - ETF

File 6: Presentation of Raffaele Del Fiore, Results Library 2.0- EESC

File 7 : Presentation of Alan Oliver - Ex Libris

File 8: Presentation  of Norbert Hohn - Publications Office

File 9: Presentation_Report of Presidency by Marc Willem - Cedefop

File 10: Presentation on Literacy and Artistic Property - Copyright Unit

File 11: Presentation on Grey Literature by Carol Bream, Isabel Moran, Anne Waniart and G. Zana

Category - Meetings 2011
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File 4
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File 7
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CreatorMrs HAMOUMI Latifa

How licenses give access, but can also take it away
Information as an Asset
The difference between information and knowledge


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