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Council of Europe - vacancies - seeking temps
The Council of Europe Information Management Division is looking for two temporaries:
1.       As from September (grade B4 approx. 3k/net): Assisting System administrator (site: Strasbourg, France)
-          User support of WCD "Web Cube Documentaire"(based on Instranet), migration and liaison with WCD TMA (Third-party application maintenance) - and all teams concerned
-          Documentum administration (assisting administrator)
-          LMS (Library Management System)- SIRSI Symphony liaison with TMA
-          Workflows creation, Crystal reports preparation
Qualification: Strong competencies in IT systems, experience with ECM (Enterprise Content Management ) systems is an advantage
Length: four months
2.       As from October (grade B5 approx. 3600/net): Content architect and taxonomist (site: Strasbourg, France)
-          WCD "Web Cube Documentaire"migration audit of functions supporting organisation of events recommendation for simplified processes (replace former event organisation of WCD in new tools - Documentum and Liferay)
-          to establish a content architecture for the Council of Europe which compiles needs for several vocabularies (e.g. CERES, Topic list for Web, Eurovoc) and revamp of the Topic list for new web content, designing the procedure for integration of specialised vocabularies.
Required: experienced taxonomist &content architect, professional degree or certification in RIM/IT
Length: three months
Please send your applications to eva.sodomova(at) 
(published 12/6/2013)

Category - current
CreatorMs SODOMOVA Eva

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